Hello, and welcome to The Pixelatedtale! My name is Drew and I have a love for video games and art alike. This influences me to be passionate about the craft of video game development. A large part of developing a great game comes down to the core visuals and what art style the game is going to use. Deciding this is crucial to the game’s first impressions on the player, aiding the overall affect of the narrative, and providing a unique experience. This blog will focus on this aspect of game development. Each week I will talk about a different type of technique or art style used in video game development that are used by both Triple A companies and indie studios.

These topics will vary each week and I will go over best practices and usages of the styles as well as examples to help aid understanding of each of the topics. I will not be going over step by step on how to make any of the assets in my examples, though. For those looking for in-depth guides on how to make assets for your own games using the techniques I talk about, I will provide resources to the best guides I can find so you may accomplish that! For those that are just interested in learning more about the many art styles used in the games you love to play then you’ll also feel right at home!


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